Top Online Casinos that Accept Neosurf

The best way to stay safe online is to be able to perform transactions without communicating your personal information. This is exactly what Neosurf offers to online casino players. Neosurf is a pre-paid voucher you can get at a local retailer for cash for up to $100 and use it to spend this money online. It offers secure and instant payments, protects your identity, and limits the risk of fraud. In this guide, you’ll discover more about Neosurf, and why it’s so popular at online casinos.

Toplist with Recommended Neosurf Casinos

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Frank & Fred Casino
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Jackpot City Casino
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LeoVegas Casino
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Intro to Neosurf

Neosurf is a pre-paid voucher service that allows its users to pay for a voucher in cash or with a credit card in a local store and use the PIN to spend the money for online services. It’s a convenient method if you don’t want to give too much personal information to a merchant, or if you don’t have access to a traditional bank account.

The vouchers can now also be acquired online on Neosurf’s website for secured payment without having to look for a retailer in your area. Moreover, the service allows you to create an account to store multiple vouchers and manage them.

Online Casinos Accepting Neosurf – By Category

Each casino presented below accepts Neosurf, and each one has its strengths, so here are the best online casinos that accept Neosurf by category.

Advantages to Neosurf Gambling transactions

Using Neosurf for your gambling transactions presents many advantages. You don’t have to communicate sensible data about you, like your banking information, and the merchant can’t charge more than you authorize, or than what’s loaded on the voucher. The payment system offers you several ways to acquire and top-up a voucher, in physical stores and online.

Furthermore, it’s available in various currencies, it even accepts cryptocurrencies, and you can load it with up to $100 with cash. The process to spend the money is straightforward, and if you change your mind, Neosurf offers the possibility to get your money transferred back to you before you use it.

Safe & Secure

Neosurf provides you with a secure payment method since the only information the online casino will receive is the PIN to claim the money from the voucher you’ve purchased. It’s not linked to your banking information and there’s no risk of fraud.


Since you pay to load money on an online voucher, the only access to your money is with the secured PIN, and you’re the only person with access to it until you communicate it to the online casino. Moreover, it’s impossible to charge or withdraw more than what’s on the voucher, and you can choose the currency used to avoid conversion fees, and you can recover the money if you change your mind.

High Transaction limits

Given the fact that you can acquire a Neosurf voucher with only cash or a cryptocurrency, the amounts you can deposit are pretty generous. For instance, if you decide to buy Neosurf online with one of their official retailers, you can find prices starting at only $10 and going up to $100.


Even if you have limited computer and internet knowledge, Neosurf offers straightforward payments without having to go through complicated verification processes. When depositing, the online casino will simply ask you for the 10-character PIN on your voucher and the amount you wish to pay, that’s it. So, you won’t have to worry about sending the payment to the wrong place.

Disadvantages of Neosurf Payments

Neosurf payments are great to stay anonymous, but they also have some shortcomings. Once you purchase a voucher, you have limited time to spend the money on it. Moreover, some Neosurf casinos will let you deposit but won’t let you withdraw. Also, if you want to use cash, you must find a local retailer, which can prove challenging.

Valid 30 Days

Neosurf vouchers have a short expiration date. After receiving your voucher, you’ll have 30 days to redeem it completely. It’s not that short, but if you make a payment and don’t use everything on the voucher, it’s easy to forget about it and lose what’s left on your voucher.

Not Available to Withdraw

Since it’s a pre-paid voucher, you’ll notice that Neosurf is available to deposit at many online casinos, but it won’t be offered to withdraw. This means that you’ll have to resort to another banking option provided by the operator, which can be a wire transfer, an e-wallet, or an eligible banking card. Some casinos may offer you Neosurf vouchers as rewards, but you can’t withdraw from your balance.

A Bit of a Hassle

If you want to benefit from the highest level of anonymity offered by Neosurf’s vouchers, you’ll have to find a retailer in your local area, and depending on where you reside, it can prove hard. Moreover, the retailer must accept cash, and he’ll likely ask for identification documents before selling you the voucher, to prevent fraud.

Is Gambling at a Neosurf Casino Safe and Secure?

Neosurf guarantees the highest level of security possible for an online payment method. Unlike e-wallets, banking cards, or wire transfers, money is only accessible with the PIN code written on the paper in your pocket. So, the only way for someone to steal it from you is to get this piece of paper. This limits the risk of online fraud.

Moreover, the PIN code only grants access to money you’ve deposited when visiting a retailer. Neosurf doesn’t store your banking information and so when using it at online Neosurf casinos, only the operator can access the money after you give them the code. As Neosurf states on its website, you should treat your voucher like cash, it’s only available if you give it to someone. It’s also impossible for someone with the PIN to withdraw more than the credit available or to know your bank details if you’ve paid online.

How to Deposit using Neosurf

  • Acquire Your Neosurf Voucher

You can acquire a Neosurf voucher at a local retailer, which can be a convenience store, a supermarket, or a kiosk. It’s also available online, and you can use numerous payment methods to get a voucher. After paying, you’ll receive a PIN code to access the funds.

  • Create Your Casino Account

If you want to use your Neosurf voucher, you’ll need to find an online Neosurf casino, and create an account. The online Neosurf casino of your choice will ask you for your personal information to create your account, including your email address, mobile number, name, and date of birth. Additional information can be asked like your home address, email, or SMS verifications.

  • Select Neosurf as Your Deposit Method

Once your casino account is ready to use, you can head to the cashier section or click the “Deposit” button if available on the main page of the casino site. There, you’ll have to select Neosurf as your deposit method. The site will redirect you to a secure page to proceed.

  • Enter The PIN

On the secure payment portal, you’ll be asked to enter the amount you intend to deposit and enter your PIN. Ensure you have enough money loaded on the voucher to successfully pay.

  • Confirm and Play

After confirming the transaction with the correct amount, the casino will instantly credit your Neosurf casino balance, allowing you to start playing their casino games immediately.

How to Cash Out From a Casino with Neosurf

  • Pick Another Payment Option

Unfortunately, since Neosurf provides pre-paid vouchers, you won’t have the option to withdraw with it. Thankfully, Neosurf casinos provide other payment methods, which you can choose from on the withdrawal page.

  • Enter Your Details

After selecting a withdrawal option that suits you, the casino will ask you to provide the details of the payment method to transfer your winnings. The required information will depend on the method preferred.

  • Review Your Details and Confirm

Before confirming, we invite you to double-check the information entered, or you risk losing the money in your account. Once you’re sure everything is correct, confirm the transaction.

  • Receive Your Winnings

Depending on the method picked and the policy of the Neosurf casino, you may receive your winnings instantly, or you may have to wait for a few business days. We invite you to check the casino’s FAQ section or payment page to learn more about withdrawal times.

Neosurf Casinos: Fees, Transaction Limits, and Time

When you buy your Neosurf voucher, a small fee will apply, so you’ll have to pay the amount you wish to deposit and this fee. However, when you decide to play online, most online Neosurf casinos won’t charge the deposit. Still, we invite you to check the casino’s policy.

The voucher you buy with cash can hold from $10 to $1,000, but some casinos accept more than this amount, so you can charge several vouchers if you want to play with more money. The deposit process will only take a couple of minutes since you only need to enter the PIN, specify the amount, and confirm to see the money arrive in your casino balance instantly.

What are the best Alternatives to Neosurf Casinos?


Trustly is an excellent alternative to Neosurf if you don’t want to go through the lengthy KYC verification process. When using Trustly, your account is linked directly to your bank account, and the service has access to your identification documents. So, it can communicate it with the online casino and spare you the waiting time.

This allows for instant deposits and withdrawals, and you simply have to log into your Trustly account to pay or receive money, no need to enter card or IBAN details to perform the transactions.


Skrill is an e-wallet made for online gambling, so it’s tremendously popular at online casinos. It provides services like a pre-paid Visa debit card, or Skrill 1-Tap, with a downloadable app for iOS and Android, to let you pay the way you see fit. You can increase your transaction and deposit limits by sending the required banking and ID documents.

Furthermore, Skrill features a loyalty program, which allows you to get points. These points can be converted to cash or other rewards depending on the promotions offered at the time.


Neteller offers similar services to Skrill, allowing you to create an account and transfer money to play safely at an online casino. If you care about your anonymity, this service allows you to top up your account using Paysafecard, which is another prepaid payment service. Neteller is popular with online casino users because it doesn’t charge international transfers, which is handy since most online operators are established overseas.

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